You got to try this just ounce. You can go and have a soda. No joke. I didn’t have soda I had Ice Tea from Long Island. They sure do make Ice Tea different there but that’s beside the point. This is the place you take that special someone and enjoy a spectacular view of Downtown Los Angeles. You can create an upscale experience with a small budget (under $20 if you don’t need a cocktail or just limit it to one) you can sit and have a burger and fries from the bar menu for $15. They also have a bunch of stuff on their dinner menu that I couldn’t pronounce and didn’t care for but if you like filet mignon and Grey Poupon and other shi shi poo poo delicacies they have your number my friend. The view by far is one of the best I’ve seen in the city. It made for a great date night. Live music EVERY NIGHT 8-10p Jazz and oysters on Wednesday night. I highly recommend this spot if you’re just visiting the city or looking for a new place to explore with friends swoop down to Perch.

Grace and Two Fingers

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