CS Lewis meets ODB
Celah or say Nothing or Just c’est la vie
And when that doubt
rush in we just watch it creep
and give it over to God and let me him see
Timidity a spirit never given to me by him
Hegemony a word given to me by Kim
Just a reminder we ain’t really got to praise like them.
And take your mask off we ain’t gotta pretend
But then again I guess we grow at our pace right
Unplugged from the matrix so ur food don’t taste right.
You try to tell your aunty, now Family think you crazy cuz you help yo baby momma off the county so amazing. Now you like
” it’s better that I give than receive.”
Stillhouse and stogie fina take in the breeze
Compton initiative all in my sentences
paint a lil hope here hope they have a dope year (yay)
Cheers from the kids go
Valentines red sweater called me Winslow
See the family matters
Thats the nucleus
See they dooping us
with all the idle chatter
Take it off repeat take it off your phone
Take it off your feet you are not a clone
You are not alone you are one of us
Children of the King, they make fun of us

Quick Story

My brother from another White mother Adam called me “Winslow” from the show Family Matters when we went out one Valentines evening. I knew I needed to work on my weight, it was a discipline thing. Changed my lifestyle to more active and healthier eating and by the grace of God…After Came. And the daily fight continues.






Prodigal son prodigal daughter. Ain’t wrote home in awhile, not saying you ought to
But you’re truly missed by your bruh and sis
Hate the fact your only here when we reminisce
Maybe off track? not falling away?
but Ima keep calling – while they call a day
takes the Lord strength but I’m at arms length
Yeah I’m Superman but I’m Clark Kent
Steve Ross said man come and get me
If I’m out there and the devil trying to twist me
I told him ditto if I’m in the same situation
And that was after witnessing an excommunication
Life’s real man – you better get a grip
But many entered the game really ill-equipped
Then you really slip – then you really fit in that narrative that all baby daddy’s get
Hold up – ask for that rewrite. What if I returned home? what would that be like? Would my brothers have missed me? Would my sisters get hype? Would the elders mistreat? Would they help me see right? Just thoughts of a torn soul
Heavy like shots to the torso
we plant seeds this a morsel
To tell #thewholestory i got more goals

For everyone who knows someone who has “falling away or are off track” Those folks have been heavy on my heart lately. Let’s keeping praying for them and reaching out like a loving family member would. Are they lost? Are they just rebellious? I don’t know but I know Jesus told us to LOVE our enemies.

“By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

John 13:35

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