Rudy was raised on the streets of South LA in the areas of Huntington Park and Watts. His adolescent and young adults years were spent in correctional facilities and riddled w/ drug abuse and gang violence. God saved him in a prison cell at the age of 35 as he cried out to God on his knees asking him to change.

Rudy came to saving faith in that same prison cell which began an arduous study of the Scripture that led him into a career of substance abuse counseling, mental health, and now pastoral ministry. His Master’s of Divinity is at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan w/ plans for a Doctorate of Ministry upon completion.

He served at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Paramount, CA for almost 8 years and is now planting RCLA, Reformed Church of Los Angeles in Lynwood, CA. He is still deeply in love w/ his wife (and still girlfriend) Edna and father to Gabby, Esteban, Duva, and Natalia.

Pastor Rudy has a deep love of Hip-Hop, poetry, handball, and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In his deep admiration and respect of reformed theology, he truly enjoys studying of the Holy Scriptures and teaching sound doctrine to folks.